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Kaye Sharp is a physical therapist, women’s health and nutrition coach, and yoga instructor. She is also the founder of Yoga and Therapy Center where she not only treats clients but teaches therapeutic yoga classes and private sessions.

Kaye’s Story

I suffered with some of the same symptoms my clients have before I started implementing simple diet and lifestyle changes myself…. chronic back and hip pain from 2 surgeries… difficulty sleeping… raging PMS… headaches… fatigue…brain fog…basically feeling like crap!!

I KNEW there was a better way to live… a more natural, holistic treatment besides pain medications, sleeping pills, and hormone replacement…

THEN I DISCOVERED DR. SARA GOTTFRIED {renowned physician, author, and functional medicine practitioner} and became certified to Teach The Hormone Cure.

Totally. Life. Changing…

This led me to pursue a second certification as a Women’s Health & Nutrition Coach through the Integrative Pelvic Health Institute. After gathering all of the latest research on health and wellness, I did a  TOTAL OVERHAUL on my own health…

Taking my own advice was the best investment I could have ever made!

Now, 6 years later, I am STILL not only pain free but I am sleeping 8 hours every night, back to doing all the things I love …. playing with my kids, exercising, running, yoga, sitting through a movie, working in my yard…. all the little things that make life worth living 

 That’s why I created “The SHARP Method”

After 20 plus years of treating patients using the conventional medicine model {dictated by insurance coverage}…. I realized that there was something missing. My patients weren’t getting “all the way” better. They were meeting most of their goals {at least the ones that insurance would pay for} but they were missing out on the BIG PICTURE…

I combined all of the life changing principles that I learned through my own personal journey of upgrading my health naturally {using simple diet and lifestyle changes along with proper supplementation} + my 20 years of hands-on PT experience helping patients recover from chronic pain, injury, and surgeries + my knowledge of alignment based Physi-Yoga to develop my very own method of Holistic Wellness:

“The SHARP Method”

All of the sudden …. my patients were getting the BIG PICTURE….. getting BETTER FASTER and living their BEST life, PAIN FREE!!